Is your child addicted to cell phone?

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Things to do:    Create awareness and insist them not to use cell phone   Read books in front of kids Try discussing about any topic Insist them to do exercises and physical activities.   Things not to do:   Avoid using cell phones in front of them Don’t put security in your cell phone like password (makes them curious) so that they will use others Don’t use any study material in cell phone (that would be a basic reason)

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Music Notes

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  Music Notes In western music Music notes play an important role in composing and playing music in Instruments. No number, No Math likewise, No Notes, No Music. Let us know something about music notes in this article. Stave: Staff are five Horizontal lines with four spaces. Clefs, Notes, time signature,etc. are placed here Clefs: There are four types of clefs. They are ,  Treble Clef (or)’G’ Clef  Bass Clef (or)’F’ Clef  Alto Clef(or)’C’ Clef  Tenor Clef Music Notes: There are Seven Notes in western music Instruments Named as C, D, E, F, G, A, B. they will be placed in Staves.  

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